Video Audits

While the COVID 19 pandemic is still active in the world, traveling can be a challenge, even an impossibility. ECMG has developed virtual solutions for audits and factory tours.
The current situation calls for modern solutions. Save time, reduce your carbon footprint and take advantage of ECMG’s Virtual tours and Audits

Benefits of Audits:

  • KPI Establishment: An initial audit, as well as routine assessments, lets you regularly measure your supplier’s performance. Accurate knowledge of the supplier’s performance allows you to manage them effectively.
  • Continuous Improvement: In many cases, regular audits alone can enhance a supplier’s performance due to shortened feedback cycle. Additional activities such as follow-up training and performance incentives will further encourage quality improvement.
  • Aligned values and practices: If your company stresses certain ethical values or work practices, an audit will give you a direct look at the processes used by your supplier, so you can rest assured that their methods align with your company’s priorities.

Audit Check List:

  1. Value Proposition.  Purely price, competitive price and reasonable technology or highest levels of technical and manufacturing expertise? What do you want to benefit from the most?
  2. What expertise does the supplier have in fabricating PCBs for your specific industry?
  3. What specifications do we need our PCBs to have?
  4. What performance metrics do we value the most in a supplier?
  5. Company size relative to yours?
  6. Physical location
  7. Industry reputation
Physical lab
Video Audits
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