Printed Circuit Board Aggregator

Let ECMG, The oldest and largest PCB Capabilities Aggregator in existence, help take some stress away by reducing your responsibility to source electronic components and assist you with logistics, inventory planning, cost reductions and more!


Flex PCBs

Rigid PCBs

Rigid Flex PCBs

People always ask us, who and what is ECMG?

PCBs are the Primary focus of ECMG.


2 Layer 5 Weeks 11 Weeks
4 Layer 6 Weeks 14 Weeks
6 Layer 6 Weeks 14 Weeks
8 Layer 8 Weeks 16 Weeks

Printed Circuit Board makers have experienced 2-3 quote increases for Copper Clad Laminate products since late 2020.
CCL prices were previously adjusted quarterly, but are now on track for monthly adjustments. Whether the increases may slow down will hinge on if the CCL supply-demand balance can improve.

It is unknown if the price hikes will be extended to the segment of high speed/frequency CCL materials, shortages of which will be more severe than those for commodity offerings once 5G infrastructure clients start strengthening their shipment pull-in momentum later in the year.

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