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RIgid Flex PCBs

At ECMG, our clients come to us in need of rigid flex printed circuit boards (PCBs) for a variety of reasons. A rigid flex PCB typically has both the benefits of a rigid and a flex pcb by combining the two. Using a rigid flex PCB allows you to save space and fit a custom design. It can also reduce certain connection problems like cold joints, making them extremely reliable 

A rigid Flex PCB is made by laminating a conventional FR-4 PCB substrate with a flexible circuit substrate to join 2 or more PCBs for a more reliable, solid state connection.  This combination is ideally suited to designs where space inside the package is at a premium.

Depending on your needs, a rigid flex PCB may be the right solution for you. Use the buttons below to request a quote or learn more about your PCB options.



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