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Rigid PCBs are made of solid substrate with copper tracks and component layouts. They also have a solder mask layer that adds insulation to the copper and a silkscreen layer which is used to add instructions of guidance to the board. A rigid PCB typically has a lower per- piece manufacturing cost, which can in turn save you some extra money. 

Flexible PCBs

Flexible Circuits are intended to provide a flexible interconnect so that it can move, curve or bend in installation. These circuits are great when space is limited or movement of the circuit is required. Other benefits of using flexible PCBs include enhanced capabilities and reliability.

Rigid Flex PCBs

A rigid flex PCB typically has both the benefits of a rigid and a flex pcb by combining the two. This combination is ideally suited to designs where space inside the package is at a premium. It can also reduce certain connection problems like cold joints, making them extremely reliable.

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