High Density Interconnect PCBs (HDI)

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High Density Interconnect PCBs

High density interconnect printed circuit boards (PCBs) excel in the size to functionality equation over multi-layer or double-sided PCBs. 

High density interconnect PCBs are found in applications such as Telecom Infrastructure, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Medical Scanning and highly complex Consumer Audio and Video applications.  High density interconnect PCBs use laser formed microvias as well as blind and buried microvias to connect complex and compact circuitry through all layers of the PCB. HDI boards are smaller in size than conventional PCBs while offering more functionality.

Depending on your device’s needs, high density interconnect PCBs may be the right solution for you. Use the buttons below to request a quote or learn more about your PCB options.


Product FeatureTechnology Roadmap
Layer Count (Max)18L20L20L
Laminate & PrepregFR-4, HFFR-4FR-4, HFFR-4 High Speed / Low Loss Megtron 6FR-4, HFFR-4 High Speed / Low Loss Megtron 6
Surface FinishENIG, OSP, Immersion Silver,Immersion Tin, Selective ENIG+OSPENIG, OSP, Immersion Silver,Immersion Tin, Selective ENIG+OSPENIG, OSP, Immersion Silver,Immersion Tin, Selective ENIG+OSP
HDI Level1+N+1 2+N+2 3+N+3 Anylayer1+N+1 2+N+2 3+N+3 Anylayer1+N+1 2+N+2 3+N+3 Anylayer
Max Board Thickness mm(mil)3.2 (126)3.2 (126)3.2 (126)
Min Board Thickness mm(mil)0.4 (16)0.4 (16)0.4 (16)
Min Core Thickness mm(mil)0.05 (2)0.05 (2)0.05 (2)
Min Dielectric Thickness mm(mil)0.05 (2)0.05 (2)0.05 (2)
Min Micro-via Size mm(mil)0.076 (3)0.076 (3)0.076 (3)
Min Microvia Pad Size mm(mil)0.2 (8)0.2 (8)0.2 (8)
Min Mechanical Drill Hole Size mm(mil)0.15 (6)0.15 (6)0.15 (6)
Press-fit Hole Tolerance (mm)±0.05mm±0.05mm±0.05mm
PTH Hole Tolerance (excluding HASL) (mm)±0.05mm±0.05mm±0.05mm
14 NPTH Hole Tolerance (mm)±0.03mm±0.03mm±0.03mm
Hole Plating Aspect Ratio (max)8:019:019:01
Micro-via Aspect Ratio0.85 : 11 : 11 : 1
Min.Line Width & Spacing (mm) (Inner)0.070mm0.064mm0.064mm
Min.Line Width & Spacing (Outer) (mm)0.076mm0.076mm0.076mm
Min Mechanical Via Pad Size mm(mil)0.2 (D+8)0.2 (D+8)0.2 (D+8)
Image to Hole Tolerance mm(mil)±0.076 (3)±0.064 (2.5)±0.064 (2.5)
Hole to Edge Tolerance mm(mil)±0.100 (4)±0.076 (3)±0.076 (3)
Min Solder Mask Bridge mm(mil)0.076 (3)0.076 (3)0.076 (3)
Min Solder Mask Opening mm(mil)0.05 (2)0.05 (2)0.05 (2)
Controlled Impedance±8%±8%±7%
Min BGA Pitch mm(mil)0.45 (18)0.45 (18)0.45 (18)
Min Pad to Pad Dimension Tolerance up to 16”±0.05 (2)±0.05 (2)±0.05 (2)
Min Hole to Copper up to Max Layer Count mm(mil)0.178 (7)0.165 (6.5)0.165 (6.5)
Max. Warpage (Bow&Twist)0.40%0.40%0.40%


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