ECMG 80:20
For over 20 years, ECMG has built its business as the “un-distributors.”  By this, we mean that we do not act as a reseller or middleman, we align our clients with our manufacturing partners.  The client orders, the manufacturer produces and ships and the client pays the manufacturer.  Once all of this has taken place, the manufacturer pays us commissions as per our agreement.  Simple.  Low Cost.  Effective.
Recently and due in no small part to the supply chain and logistics woes we all are experiencing, a few of our US-based customers have come forth asking if we would be willing to act as a distributor to shorten lead times, suppress volatility in transit times and ensure product availability near their point of consumption.  With a sustainable and well thought out twist that is too good not to share with you.
ECMG 80:20 is essentially a hybrid distribution model.  This hybrid model has our clients continue to enjoy factory direct pricing on 80% of their spend and commit 20% of their monthly, quarterly or annual demand to be purchased by ECMG.  We hold their product in inventory and ship to their point of consumption on an as-needed basis.  This ensures safety stock is available to avoid missed commit dates due to sudden spikes in demand, lead time increases, logistics SNAFUs or for the peace of mind knowing that there is always a little bit set aside for a “rainy day.”
Contact us to learn more about this exciting program.  Just another way “The ECMG Advantage” can be advantageous to you!


Layer Count Base Copper Material Lead Time Production Lead Time Total Lead Time
2 Layer 1/1 6 Weeks 5 Weeks 11 Weeks
2 Layer 2/2 7 Weeks 5 Weeks 12 Weeks
2 Layer 3/3 7 Weeks 5 Weeks 12 Weeks
4 Layer 1/1 6 Weeks 7 Weeks 13 Weeks
4 Layer 2/2 7 Weeks 7 Weeks 14 Weeks
4 Layer 3/3 7 Weeks 7 Weeks 14 Weeks
6 Layer 1/1 6 Weeks 7 Weeks 14 Weeks
6 Layer 2/2 7 Weeks 8 Weeks 15 Weeks
6 Layer 3/3 7 Weeks 9 Weeks 16 Weeks
8 Layer 1/1 6 Weeks 9 Weeks 15 Weeks
8 Layer 2/2 7 Weeks 9 Weeks 16 Weeks
8 Layer 3/3 7 Weeks 9 Weeks 16 Weeks
10 Layer 1/1 7 Weeks 9 Weeks 15 Weeks
10 Layer 2/2 7 Weeks 9 Weeks 16 Weeks
10 Layer 3/3 7 Weeks 10 Weeks 17 Weeks

Printed Circuit Board makers have experienced 2-3 quote increases for Copper Clad Laminate products since late 2020.
CCL prices were previously adjusted quarterly, but are now on track for monthly adjustments. Whether the increases may slow down will hinge on if the CCL supply-demand balance can improve.

It is unknown if the price hikes will be extended to the segment of high speed/frequency CCL materials, shortages of which will be more severe than those for commodity offerings once 5G infrastructure clients start strengthening their shipment pull-in momentum later in the year.

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